Telephone Services
Regardless of where you live, in town or in the country, you can count on the most advanced selection of products and services from Radcliffe Telephone Company.

When it comes to using your telephone, we've got whatever you need. For home or business, count on Radcliffe Telephone Company to provide you the services you need.


Radcliffe Telephone Compnay offers a reliable residential phone line at a competitive price. Please see below for our pricing information.

  • Resident $30.00/ line includes End User Charge, ARC Charge and E911 fees.


The following Business plans are available through Radcliffe Telephone:

  • Business for 1 line $28.50 includes End User Charge, ARC Charge  and E911 fees.

Radcliffe Long Distance Services

Radcliffe Telephone offers Unlimited Nation Wide Long Distance Calling. Please refer to Radcliffe Telephone Bundled Services for details.

Additional plans available, please call for details.

Radcliffe Telephone Company is a telecommunications provider who provides basic and enhanced services within its service territory.  Basic services are offered at the following rates and charges:

                                                                                                Monthly Service Charges

Voice Grade Residential Service                                        $22.50

Voice Grade Business                                                          $18.00

Federal Subscriber Line Charge – Single Line                 $ 6.50

Federal Subscriber Line Charge – Multi Line                   $ 9.20

Local Usage   Included

Touch Tone Service  Included 

Single-Party Service Included                                                                                   

Emergency 911 Services   $1.00                                                              Operator Service  Rate Varies

Interexchange Service (Long Distance) Rate Varies

Directory Assistance Rate Varies                                                                

Toll Blocking is available at no charge for low income customers that qualify.

If you have any questions regarding the company’s services and rates/charges, please contact us by visiting Radcliffe Telephone Company, 202 Isabella St Radcliffe, or by calling (515) 899-2341
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