Radcliffe Internet Services

SecureIT Plus

SecureIT Plus if a fully automated and guaranteed computer protection service. It is a single service that is made up of a suite of technologies that are fully managed and supported to protect your computer.

For only $5.95/month SecureIT Plus service provides:

  • Automated Spyware & Adware Protection
  • Automated Virus Protection
  • Automated Windows Updates
  • Disk Optimization
  • Popup blocker for Internet Explorer
  • Monthly e-mail reports
  • Free Technical Support
  • Guaranteed Protection

All of this is included in the price of SecureIT Plus and is kept up to date automatically - you'll never have to worry about Internet security again. Plus, the service is guaranteed. If you do have problems with an Internet delivered issue while using SecureIT Plus services, SecureIT Plus will repair your computer at no charge.

If your time is valuable, or you are not a computer security expert, this service is for you.

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